Famous Ganesh Mandals : Pune Manache Ganapati – Most Honoured Ganapatis in Pune

 Famous Ganesh Mandals : Pune Manache Ganapati – Most Honoured Ganapatis in Pune

There are a number of Ganesh Idols in Pune but the following five have specific place in the collective consciousness of people because of their timed honoured history and significance. These also have the honour of being the foremost among other idols during the immersion procession and are known as “MANACHE GANAPATI”.

  • Kasba Ganpati
    Kabsa Ganpati First Ganpati of Honor in Pune. Established in the year 1893, mandal is gracing the first place in immersion procession since 1894. The idol was found near the house of Shri Vinayak Thakar, then he build a beautiful mandir for this idol, which is the ‘GramDaivat’ of Pune Shri Kasba Ganpati
  • Tambadi Jogeshwari
    Tambi Jogeshwari
     Second Ganpati of Honor in Pune. It is famous and is situated in the heart of the city. This is among one of the Ganpatis which Tilak started for the cause of social uprisement. Now the mandal is 107 years old this year. The murti of Lord Ganesh has itsuniqueness. From last so many years they are using the murti of the same kind which has resemblance of elephants of Africa. Nothing has changed but the fame and faith about the Ganpati. In the eleven days of puja, various kinds of events take place which are of social interest and are organized by keeping in mind the same aim that Late Lokmanya Tilak was having in his mind. Various social events are organized. People from all the corners of the country come to Pune to watch & take blessings. Murti is always kept in a silver Palakhi.
  • Guruji Talim
    Guruji Talim 

    Third Ganpati of Honor in Pune.This mandal was established in 1887 even before Late Lokmanya Tilak started this festival. It was established as a symbol of Hindu Muslim unity.

     First mandal who celebrated its centenary.

  • Tulsibaug
    Tulshibaug Ganpati
     Fourth Ganpati of Honor in Pune.This is the old and famous Ganesh mandal in Pune. This mandal is known for the size of the Ganesh idol.This is the first mandal to make a fiber glass idol of Ganpati.Every year a new 15 feet high idol is created my Mr.D.S.Khataokar. This mandal is completing its centenary next year.

    It celebrates prominent religious festivals and occasions.

  • Kesariwada
    Kesari Wada
     Fifth Ganpati of Honor in Pune. Late Lokmanya Tilak established this idol in year 1893. This mandal vows to take up social and cultural undercurrents of the society. Organizes shows of renowned artists and speeches of great personalities during the festival. Organizes various activities and competitions for children and women.


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